What is SINGLE PALLET Freight Shipping?

All pallets are not created equally. Pallets are made of all different qualities, anywhere from 20 to 70 lbs and either made of wood or plastic. The spacing between boards vary and a higher quality pallet has less space between the boards.

Pallets which have a four-way forklift entry, are desirable as they make shipments easier to load and unload and reduce the risk of damage.

Once a proper pallet has been selected, the next consideration is to create a controlled system of packing, i.e., easy to follow for anyone handling the product. Anyone will want to optimize space and weight and establish standard protection that will ensure that the product suffers no damage during shipping.

This process is cheaper than other shipping processes and easier to transport. It can be moved more quickly than individual items.

For any low risk, small freight shipment single pallet freight shipping service is mostly used service.

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